Created a luxe brand and packaging for ChocoPerfection’s line of low carb, sugar free chocolate bars. Sinful chocolate…without the sin.

ChocoPerfection’s premium chocolate bar needed a luxurious design to help it stand out from competitors premium category. Metallic gold ink and foils were used on both product labels and packaging. Several flavors were included in the line which required individual package designs that were featured in the marketing campaigns we developed. We also created packaging for ChocoPerfection’s sub-brand, SweetPerfection, a zero-calorie sweetener.

Low Carb Specialties

Brand Development
Package Design
Point of Sale Display
Photo Styling
Product Photography
Website Design

A yellow and orange striped package for ChocoPerfection dark chocolate, emphasizing "Sinful chocolate... without the sin." It highlights features like 2g net carbs, natural sweeteners, gluten-free, 60% cocoa, European taste, and being sugar-free and diabetic-approved.
An assortment of four ChocoPerfection chocolate bars is arranged diagonally in a row. The flavors include Dark European Chocolate, Milk European Chocolate, Raspberry Dark Chocolate, and Almond Dark Chocolate. Each bar is labeled "Sugar-Free" and "Gluten-Free.
A display box of ChocoPerfection Dark Almond chocolate bars is presented against a black background. The packaging highlights that the product is sugar-free, low carb, high fiber, and gluten-free. The box and bars have a gold and maroon design.
Designed a product box that also functioned as a Point of Sale (POS).
We designed it in four color CMYK with a spot of Gold Foil.
A rectangular gold and brown label with the text "Best Voted Best Tasting Sugar Free Chocolate" at the top, "CHOCOperfection" in the center, and "Low Carb, High Fiber, Gluten-Free, Dairy Free" at the bottom. A "Sugar Free" badge is on the right.
A flat, yellow package template with magenta accents designed for "ChocoPerfection" brand chocolate. The template includes fold lines, product details, and sections for different varieties such as dark chocolate, almond, and raspberry. Sticker labels are shown on the right.
A website for ChocoPerfection, a brand of sugar-free chocolates. The homepage highlights the benefits of the chocolate, such as being sugar-free and natural. Sections include information about quality ingredients, gift boxes, and new arrivals.
Image of several bars of ChocoPerfection chocolate with a text overlay claiming "Sugar Free... Naturally!" The packaging boasts features such as being sugar-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, supporting weight loss, and containing 2g net carbs and 14g fiber.
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