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We began with a lifestyle photoshoot of the founder, Ti Caudron since we felt that newcomers to her programs needed to meet the weight-loss expert front and center. We designed her core brand and weight loss programs using colors and lifestyle imagery based on the beautiful bounty and health benefits that nature provides. Although weight-loss is achievable by both men and women in her program, we honed in on her core audience of mainly women over 40 and repositioned all messaging throughout all marketing materials. Through our discovery process, we faced the design challenge of needing to simplify her existing course materials so students could quickly identify which materials pertained to them, as well as their assigned eating style. Below is how we solved this challenge while creating an exciting lifestyle brand for Ti to continuously build upon.

VitaliTi Wellness

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Lifestyle Photoshoot

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Weight Loss Breakthrough Website
Course Materials

The Strategy
We redesigned the “Weight Loss Break Through” program to make it more user-friendly by introducing a system of icons and a color scheme that can be applied to all course materials. The icons and color scheme enable students to easily identify the materials that are relevant to their specific eating style and gender, allowing them to quickly find the information they need. This identification system was implemented to improve the overall user experience.

Brand Identification System Logos
Vitaliti Advertising
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